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Drilling Motors

A long-time fixture as the partner in efficiency of the drilling industry, Alliance provides game-changing drilling motor technology for modern drilling programs. Alliance primarily offers drilling motors for rent, including various motor sizes and power capabilities. Motor drilling sizes include:


  • 5” motors
  • 6-5/8” motors
  • 7” motors
  • 8.25” motors

No matter the size or power, we carefully engineer our entire fleet of motors to offer the same premium quality. Taking advantage of Alliance’s advanced drilling motor technology can help you mitigate risk while maximizing production on your next project. Find out more about Alliance motors.

What Sets Alliance Apart in the Drilling Industry?

In a word, experience. For our team, innovating in the drilling industry has been our lives’ focus for the past 26 years. As a result, Alliance has witnessed firsthand the progression of drilling since 1996, all the while continually finding ways to create better drilling motors in an ever-changing industry. Alliance blends experience and technology to create reliable drilling motors.


The experts behind Alliance are masters of the drilling process, always innovating and taking in more knowledge of what works – and what doesn’t – to create what they believe are the best mud motors available on the market today.


Speak to a team member today to revolutionize your project efficiency:


Cutting-Edge Drilling Motor Technology

Alliance recently designed a motor that reduces downhole failure by reducing driveline stress on the motors. This state-of-the-art drilling motor has a patented design with over 46 years of combined experience behind its engineering.


Why choose Alliance motors over competitors?


Alliance Drilling Motors have a shorter bit to bend, which increases build consistency, stabilizing the operation. Additionally, the bend is below the last connection, which minimizes the risk of cracked housings by reducing the radial load. This significant load reduction allows the motors to run higher bend while maintaining higher drillstring RPMs. These key modifications combine to improve hole cleaning and weight transfer.


Our drilling motors offer greater efficiency and stability for your operation. Learn more about how these motors can fit into your next drilling application for optimum output

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